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Who is Hutchies Training?

Hutchies Training is part of Hutchinson Builders (J Hutchinson Pty Ltd - ABN 52 009 778 330) and is a registered training organisation (RTO) with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Our RTO provider number is 32409 and we are recognised as a provider of quality-assured and nationally recognised training and qualifications.

Who is Hutchinson Builders?

We are Australia's largest privately-owned construction company. Established in 1912, we have grown to deliver around 300 projects annually across the country. We established Hutchies Training to build construction skills across the industry and share our experiences to create the best builders possible.

Where can I find information about Hutchies' Indigenous program?

Our Statim Yaga program is available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who may be considering a career in the construction industry.

What is structured workplace learning (SWL)?

SWL is incorporated in our courses to maximise opportunities for participants to experience as many different construction jobs as possible.

What is a USI Number?

A USI is a Unique Student Identifier. This your personal student number. Once you create one, it’s yours for life. For more information about creating and activating your USI.

How do I make a complaint?

Contact the Hutchies Training team as soon as possible. We will handle your enquiry in line with our complaints process.

What if I disagree with the outcome of my complaint?

If you aren't satisfied with the outcome of your complaint with Hutchies Training, you are able to contact the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).


How do I apply to get into a course at Hutchies Training?

To get started, find the course you would like to participate in, check it suits your goals and capabilities, and then select 'Start Now' at the bottom of the course page.

How do I get more information before applying?

If you've already explored the course pages we have on this website and still have questions, please feel free to get in contact with us and we can help you before you make your final decision.

Do I need any prior experience or knowledge before applying?

Each Hutchies Training course has slightly different requirements. Check out the course you're interested in, refer to the 'Prerequisites' or 'Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)' under 'The Nitty Gritty' section of the course page.

#Fees & Payment

How much do Hutchies Training courses cost?

Pricing varies across our courses. A cost breakdown is provided on each individual course pages on this website. A summary is also available under Resources.

Is there any financial support available?

Some of Hutchies Training's courses may have grants or discounts available. Please refer to the course you're interested in's page on this site for more specific information. If you need additional help, please contact us.


What does pre-employment mean?

Pre-employment is a training category open to anyone and everyone who is looking to enter the construction industry. Our Trade Start program is for school based or recently graduated students. The Certificate I in Construction is our entry level course that provides practical training to prepare you for a career in the industry. Then finally our Trade Ready program is designed for people who already have a Certificate I in Construction and builds on basic skills and knowledge you might already have in the industry.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship (also sometimes known as a traineeship) gives you a nationally recognised qualification. Apprenticeships are suitable to school-leavers, someone re-entering the workforce, or an adult worker changing careers. Year 10 students can also start an apprenticeship while still at school. The only entry requirement for an apprenticeship is to have completed Year 10.

What short courses do Hutchies Training offer?

We provide accredited training in a range of construction and skills qualifications. Our regular short courses include White Cards, Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) and Work Safe at Heights.

What other training is available?

Hutchies Training delivers all sorts of industry specific skills and qualifications. These include the courses shown on this site, along with tailored in-house programs that support our workforce all over Australia.


What will I get after completing a course?

Each of Hutchies Training's courses provide different outcomes. Check out the course(s) you're interested in on this site and you'll get a snapshot of the qualifications and opportunities they may provide you.

What career pathways are available with Hutchies Training?

Our industry leading training opens up a world of opportunities. There are more than 70 different careers that can be access via Hutchies.