You may know of Hutchies’ training division by its original name — the Gold Coast School of Construction. We initially started our award-winning training centre when there was a severe skills shortage in the construction industry, and we were struggling to find people with the right skills to work on our projects.

We worked with the Queensland Department of Education and Training to set up an enterprise based registered training organisation (RTO) so that we could develop our own qualified resources. The result was a skills development program, based at our Yatala fabrication yard, which provided real-world, hands-on training for apprentices.

Today we deliver a wide range of professional development opportunities around the country, and we’ve changed our name to reflect this.

We provide accredited training and enterprise-based learning experiences across the industry — not just in our own company. We are proud of our completion rate of over 90% and we continue to provide our course graduates ongoing support to develop their careers throughout the organisation.

In 2019, we rebranded GCSC to Hutchies Training to continue expanding our industry leading construction skills development.

What we do